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Answers in Genesis Legacy Partners

Answers in Genesis is blessed by the faithful generosity and foresight of our supporter friends who are planning for the future of this Bible-upholding ministry through their gift and estate planning. In appreciation of such wonderful godly stewardship, we are pleased to announce the creation of the Answers in Genesis Legacy Partners program.

Answers in Genesis Legacy Partners is a way for AiG to thank and honor all of the friends of AiG, during their lifetime, who have thoughtfully planned a legacy gift to Answers in Genesis that will make a difference for the cause of Christ by helping Answers in Genesis continue to proclaim the foundational truths of Genesis and all of Scripture well into the future. These generous gifts will have an eternal impact!

Becoming a member

Becoming a Legacy Partner will offer certain special benefits and is available by notifying us that you have provided for AiG through one or more methods of planned giving, such as:

  • A gift to AiG through a charitable gift annuity
  • A gift to AiG through a donor-advised fund or pooled-income fund
  • A bequest to AiG in your last will, living trust, or other estate trust
  • A gift to AiG through a charitable remainder trust
  • A gift to AiG through a charitable lead trust
  • Designating AiG as a beneficiary of your individual retirement account, 401(k) plan, pension, or other retirement plan
  • Naming AiG as the owner or beneficiary of a life insurance policy
  • Entering into a life estate agreement with AiG regarding your residence, vacation home or farm, providing for a gift of the property to AiG while retaining the right to use the property during your lifetime
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